About me

I wagged a lot of English classes in my high school days to hang out with local photogs, already knowing that all I wanted was to be a photographer. So the worst thing for me to be asked to do is to write, and even worse than that is to write about myself!  So I asked other people who know me well to write a little something…


You hate writing…that’s why you became a photog and not a journo and you’ve been doing it forever and still love it. The main complaint people have is that their face is sore from laughing, and you occasionally get called a dork but you think they mean it with love 🙂

I think you are totally about laughter, keeping it fun, helping the most timid groom come out of his shell and relax. You give great direction and like to capture the essence of an occasion through fun and laughter and good times.

Our kids had so much fun with you in the studio! They often ask if they can go and play at Sachas house because you have a way about you that just makes people at ease so they enjoy themselves. Its obvious that you love what you do.

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